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Oct 25, 2019 · 4 min read

You don’t need to be at the right time and place to flirt. As a matter of fact, everything is a flirting opportunity.

How to flirt is a skill that can be learned, harnessed and honed. It’s not a gift that only certain Johns and Janes of the world were lucky enough to be born with. More art than science, flirting is all about the delicate interplay between you and your object of interest. Whether it’s your partner or just someone you find interesting, your body sends out deliberate or unconscious signals to that other person. There are no fixed and written in stones rules on how to flirt but there are three basic things to always remember — look at them directly in the eyes, turn your body towards them, and smile. The rest will come later.

Flirting gives you a positive lift, all the more when someone from across the room is mirroring your actions. It’s part of the whole mating ritual to pique the interest of the person you’re interested in. When we like someone, we send out signals to that person whether to see if they’re interested as well or just to let them know that you are indeed interested. How to flirt effectively entails the use of everything at your disposal.

Now, I’ve already cited the Three Big Things when it comes to flirting, but there are a lot of techniques, tip, and tricks that you can employ. Flirting is not only about appealing to the other person aesthetically. It’s the whole package, love. True, looks captures the attentions. But what’re a pretty face and a hot bod for if when he or she opens his or her mouth makes you want to

  1. get out of there as fast as you can
  2. laugh out loud
  3. cringe in horror.
  4. Or all of the above.

Flirting 101

Flirting is the ability to unconsciously transform your actions and body language into sexual contraptions sending out a signal of interest to the opposite sex. Think and imagine how the mouse jolts his nose and tilt his back to call the attention of others. This is similar to how humans need to use body language in getting the attention of the opposite sex.

However, it is important to remember that there are rules considered as the unwritten flirting etiquette. Of course, you still need to make sure that you are not crossing the borderline of crass, obscene and repugnant. There’s a thin line separating sexy and flirty to slutty and crude, so to speak.

Flirting is an art and just like all forms of art, you can master the art of flirting by knowing the basic tips about flirting with a guy without appearing too obvious.

Eye power

The eye is the window of your soul, isn’t it? Then make it work best for you. This is where the subtle glances and come-hither looks come in. Eye contact should be done in repetition. Catching his eyes only once can come off as you dismissing him. Do it three times and the message is clear. Besides, it’s almost-almost an instantaneous reaction to smile at someone when your eyes met. Which brings us to the second thing, smiling.


If there is one universal language, that would be the smile. What’s a smile but a smile? Communication breakdown results from a number of factors — one of which is language barrier. A Japanese and an American exchange smiles in the streets. The American can’t go on thinking that the Jap is mocking him for sinking Pearl Harbor because of that action. That’s paranoia at work.

Going back, smiling calls the attention of the other party. Someone has to make the move and since you are the one who is thinking about getting that person’s attention, the move should come from you. Smile, seriously, it’s so easy an act — and free at that, yet people stinge on them.

By the way, smiling at someone is considered to be the most subtle way of flirting.

Body language

In action, it all comes down to it so don’t exaggerate. Learn how to spot someone who’s also on the pull so as to minimize the possibility of getting rejected. For women, they always go for the curvaceous stance which can be achieved by placing the weight on one leg. For men, it’s done by standing square and tall, leading from the groin. Mind the subtle and small actions as well. Be sexy and confident.

Supplementary tips when flirting includes:

Be interesting

When he gets to your table, stand up and introduce yourself and strike up an interesting conversion. Don’t be dull. You’re halfway in already so don’t mess it up by being a total bore. You caught his attention, now make sure to keep it.

Have a cheerful and happy disposition

Flirting should be light, easy and fun. Please, please avoid baring your soul and dirt at this stage. Don’t take everything seriously. Besides, you’ll have more luck if you spray on a happy aura as opposed to the sullen one.

Yes, you are flirting but it is always important that you choose the right and proper words to utter. You might send the wrong message across if you use the wrong choice of words. If you can’t throw witty comments every now and then or spar words with him or her, just be extra attentive to what the other person is saying.

Just careful you might come out flirting too hard — loses all the mystery and thrill of the chase.

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