To turn him on, dance for him. But to make him melt to his knees, give him a lap dance.

How to lap dance is something all women should know. It’s almost like a weapon so deadly, it can kill many — male brain cells, I mean. A lot of women are intimidated by the idea of it for the very reason that they don’t know how to lap dance.

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Women are born sensual creatures — it’s genetically instilled in us. All that needs to be done is to thaw out any reservation, eat some confidence and wash away all inhibitions. Dancing solely for his eyes is already a fucking turn on, how much more if you up the notch a bit.

Plan ahead, set everything up

It can just be an ordinary date or your anniversary or when you’re just feeling adventurous.

The setting

His place or your place or the hotel just as long as there’s a chair and some privacy. Lay down the No Touching ground rules. Adopt the dominatrix persona; in this game, you’re the boss and he’s the low life.

The outfit

New or old, pick something that will surely tease his senses and play with his sanity. You can opt for tight tank and panties, or go for the kill with a black vinyl dress and fishnets. Use high heels as they will make your legs appear longer, accentuating your butt and breasts.

The look

It’s up to you whether to use makeup or not. If your man thinks you’re hot already without the makeup, then leave it. Or you can use natural tones just to enhance your features. Place perfume in your pulse points — wrist and neck as well as just the inside of your thigh. Choose the scent that is bound to drive him wild. If you have long hair, you can bunch it and then let it lose at the beginning or in the middle of the lap dance.

The music

I can probably list you off a thousand good music for this but it’s better if you pick one that calls to you. Find something that makes you feel sexy, relaxes you and sets the mood. Choose something with a slow, deep throb like the Arabesque by Sweetback; or some slow blues such as Norah Jones’ Come Away With Me. Or you can opt with something that he likes and relaxes him. Just make sure that it can also inspire your moves. Remember that to make the act more sensual, your moves need to flow with the song.

Don’t feel pressured to finish the whole song. It usually takes 60–90 seconds; just about the same amount of time he can endure before he makes a mess in his pants.

o Make him sit on the chair. You can do this by dominating over him and make him sit forcefully, or you can do this by gesture, just to avoid getting anywhere near him to make him enjoy the full view.

o Play the music and start turning him on. Feel the rhythm and let the melody glide with you as you slowly and sensually walk over to him — swaying your hips in a sexy, exaggerated way.

o While dancing, never lose eye contact. It’s sexy and it’s hot. Get lost in the dance and feel it all. Touch your body, let him imagine it was his hands running all over it. Remember, lap dancing should as much turn you on as it does him. If he sees how turned on you are, well, 60 seconds is probably too long already.

o Mount him, without actually riding him. To do this, place both of your hands on the chair behind his back with one of your knees nudged between his legs. Arch your back a little and sort of offer your breasts to him — but not yet on the touching. Just close enough to drive him wild with wanting when he smells your perfume and teased with the view of the cleavage. Do the cowgirl move — rock up and down, and around in a small, slow figure 8.

o Slowly and sensually, get off him. Avoid any jerky movements. You can blow his mind by straightening your leg and then slowly run your hand from your ankle all the way to your crotch. Keep looking at his face while doing it even though his eyes are bound to be following the movement of your fingers.

o Bring your leg down and slide down to a kneeling position. This time allow the body contact, actually, rub your body with his while going down, letting him feel your breast, belly and hips.

o Get up and turn around and let him have a full view of your ass which should hopefully be mostly exposed depending on the choice of clothing you have on. With your legs straight and slightly apart, bend down slowly and let your hands slide down your legs as you go down.

o For the kill, slide one hand between your legs and swipe yourself with a finger.

If that didn’t drove him wild — then he’s already probably fallen into a comatose.s

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