Life is weird, you know! What makes it more wierd is to live it as an engineer.

Riding a bus is no longer the same thing. I used to ride buses in autopilot mode. Just get in the right bus, pay the fare, sit/stand till your stop comes. You get off the bus. Over! The routine was always the same. It never changed, till I started my B. Tech.

B. Tech or Bachelor of Technology is a course taken in order for one to become an engineer. But, there is a catch. Passing the exams only make you a graduate. So how do you become a real engineer?

4 years of B. Tech taught me that an engineer is someone who can engineer a solution out of thin air. So how do you get solutions? You find problems. How do you find problems? You observe!

That was the answer! You observe the world around you. You try to notice the small things which people overlook. That makes anyone an engineer.

So back to the main thread: the bus ride! Right now, every bus ride is a bit different: unique is the word. I hear the transmission change, engine’s whinning, the gears’ clicking, brakes, the sound of air rushing in, smiles of children, vibrations overhead, whistles of the conductor… These were the things I used to overlook. Now, I look out for them, and they make a universal music, which gives a whole new meaning to life.

Life was never the same after B. Tech!

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