1. Set your phone’s countdown to a gentle, pleasing chime
  2. Set it for 1 minute and quiet your mind until you hear the chime
  3. End the timer, set it for 2 minutes and quiet your mind until you hear the chime
  4. End the timer, set it for 3 minutes and quiet your mind until you hear the chime
  5. End the timer, set it for 4 minutes and quiet your mind until you hear the chime
  6. End the timer, set it for 5 minutes and quiet your mind until you hear the chime
  7. Tada, you’ve meditated for 15 minutes!


“That’s not real meditation”

People who…

There was a stage when Seth was younger, that he was quite into Hotwheels.

Almost every time we went out to the mall, he’d ask for a Hotwheels car.

I balked a little on the inside. It seemed wrong to buy a toy every single time. After all, money doesn’t grow on trees, we’re told. (It’s actually created out of thin air in private ledgers owned by legal cartels. But I digress.)

Furthermore, what if I set a precedent and the kid expected a Hotwheels every. freaking. time?

But then I decided to be Jesus and do unto Seth what…

Everything is a game.

This doesn’t mean everything is inconsequential. Games are not inconsequential. (As any Saw movie character can testify.)

But everything is a game. It is all a game.

The question is not WHETHER you are playing a game, but rather WHICH GAME you are playing.

In fact, if you think that you are not playing games in life, you are the one actually being played.

Because everyone is playing a game around you.

“We all live in a yellow pyramid”

The government, for example, is playing a game of control and resource collection.

Some governments play it better, some play it not so well.

Around every living creature, around every inanimate object, there is a field.

This field encompasses all, and in many cases, permeates.

This field exists beyond sight or vision.

But for those who have the means, this field can be accessed, and it brings instant connection between them, wherever they might be in the world.

It allows instantaneous connection and knowing between those who have the ability to access it.

And yet, to those who cannot access it, it seems like a fairy tale.

Among those who are unable to access it, some have heard of it and believe it exists.

I used to be a brand loyalist.

And I noticed one thing.

Some people would buy anything just because it said “Apple” on it.

And some people would NOT buy something just because it said “Apple” on it.

Both types of people were problematic, but the second type was worse.

Anything-Apple fans were POSITIVELY OBSESSED toward the products.

But Never-Apple haters were NEGATIVELY OBSESSED against the products.

Both were problematic, but the venom and vitriol from the second group far outdid the first.

I noticed the same thing in the last four years of politics.

Have you noticed this pattern?

Brand loyalty has its place

“Seek and ye shall find.”

That’s actually attributed to Jesus.

So profound. So obvious.

“For he who seeks finds.”

That’s what he said.

It’s plain as day, when you think about it.

Where did you find your car keys?

In the last place you looked.

Because, once you found it, you stopped looking.

But why did you start looking for your car keys?

Because you realised they were missing. So you went looking for them.

1. First you realise that something’s missing, and you know exactly what it is you’re looking for.

2. You go looking for it everywhere you…

Why network marketing in the 21st century turns me on

Why network marketing?

For me, it’s about group success.

To succeed is a good feeling, but to succeed alone is hollow.

As Martin Luther King Jr said, none of us is free until all of us are free.

Similarly, none of us is successful until all of us are successful.

The true nature of humanity is love, and the true nature of love is to give.

That’s why solo success is hollow. There’s nobody to give to.

That’s why the promise of network marketing appeals to me.

It’s like those ants who lock arms and form a raft that floats…

(This is for my Christian peeps and peeps who want to know how many Christians think.)

One thing many Christians like to say is that they’re “a sinner saved by grace.”

Well, if you’ve been saved, then are you still a sinner?

Scripture says you’re a saint. Not just if you feel like it, but as a fact of position in Christ.

Faith in Christ has saved you from sin and made you a saint.

So you ARE NOT a sinner saved by grace. You WERE a sinner saved by grace. You ARE a saint saved by grace.

Your concept of self gives birth to yourself

Your concept…

Walking alone unearths random memories

It is not good for man to be alone in life, but it’s good for a man to be alone now and then.

All the ancient mystics did it.

Jesus did it. John the Baptiser did it.

Modern mystics do it.

Without spending time alone and in silence, how will you ever know who you are?

How will you ever know what Spirit wants?

Walking alone is fun

Much of my happy memories involve me walking alone.

That used to be my favourite pastime as a kid and a teen.

I remember walking down from church and school.

Down the hill into the streets…

Alpha Lim

Be. Live.™ That you may Prosper in all things and Be in health, just as Your soul prospers

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