2 Alchemies of Great Ideas

Have you ever looked at things and said WOW like Tesla, apps like Netflix, store like Amazon and list can go on and on.

Great ideas give you mixed feelings, we think it was so simple or so complex. Your smartphone, is helping you carrying entire world in your pocket. Is’t this awesome. Look around, everything you use has a story and reason behind it.

But what brings them out? How we can be sure that we can come up with Great Ideas. There are 2 quintessential ways to do it. If I were to tell, they would be commandments behind any great things that happened and will ever happen.


Let me clarify that

Instincts are not god given gifts, they are accumulated over a period of time with Grind, hustle, hard work, passion or whatever you call it. It develops with discipline and commitment for the craft. When we start understanding pattern of how things work and how things are connected to each other. When we can combine two different world and bring them together to create a different one. That’s where you know, instincts. These are more than survival.


We have most difficulties in watching 2 things, one which is very far away and one which is very near. So is with the ideas, we always stay in betweeen the extreme range, because it needs courage to cross the far away limits and it requires curiosity to question the most basic things. We just ponder in between. Hence the great way to find answer is to think the most obvious thing and the most non obvious thing about whatever you want to crack. Ask stupid questions, always question the first principle. That’s how you can INNOVATE

And when people have written entire book on the subject. Burn the book, break the rule and that’s how you DISRUPT.

Thats the way to use the alchemy of great ideas. Give it a try !! And comment if t works for you or pass it on to the one who must read this.

Thank you for your attention.

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