Limitations : 3 examples why they are beautiful and 4 ways to use them as advantage

“A mind not to be changed by place or time. The mind is its own place, and in itself Can make a heav’n of hell, a hell of heav’n.” — John Milton

John Milton has explained it beautifully than anybody can. What human mind is capable of. Ryan Holiday, he is one among my favorite authors, written book ‘Obstacle is the Way’ only on this topic. How one can make obstacle way itself. The entire book can be summarized in one sentence, which is :

“The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way” — Marcus Aurelius

3 best example where limitation has makes things beautiful & successful are

1. Google — A everlasting zen page which let you do what you want to search for. But if you go to the origin, Larry Page designed Google page this way because he was limited by his HTML skills to create it detailed & filled with information

2. Zappos — First successful online store (later on acquired by Amazon), but they delivered shoes with two way shipping, Free Trail & 6 month replacement. It made such a beautiful model where organisation trusted their customers

3. NBA — Every team has 24 seconds to shoot ball & score which put limitation but make it exciting, fun & worth watching

There are 1000 of examples like Paralympics, Any time bound games, Wars, Video games, Exams, Flights, Transportation, Subscriptions, Movie length, Software licences, you think of anything and it will give you what limitation make it beautiful. Limitations can be external or internal. You can impose them or can be imposed upon you. Like recent demonetization in India.

How to make it Advantage :

4 ways to transform limitation in advantage

  1. Find how some limitations are build?

Like source of the limitation? Why you believe something can not been done? Is it due to time, or resourcefulness or people etc etc. Find the gap & see opportunity lie in between. Snap-chat did the same, when every body was working on making communication public, open & they made it personalized till the time you see it & got them deleted.

2. Look at the extreme polar of the constraint

If A is true, Z is also true. It’s like Yin Yang. Balancing forces. If you see greatest battles were won with soldiers, weapons & wars but Indian Freedom struggle had unique element of Gandhi. The element was Non Violence. Delivered the similar result.

3. Question everything

From conceptualization to end. Question has power to change history, bring innovation. Curiosity as an personal trait will help you achieve more & explore more about you, your life & your chosen endeavor. Question can bring new avenues. Few best are
- What is the minimium requirement to bring result
- How much time it requires.
- What you will do to bring results in 3 months what you are supposed to achieve in 1 year

4. Reverse Engineer

Find what you want to bring by breaking particular limitation. Define the final outcome & then come in reverse timeline what will happen before that & before that. Keep coming back till the time you come to today’s timeline. Action need to be at core of this.

Hope you will break limitations in your life, career, society or best in your own Mind. That would be real measure of illumination & bringing out best out of yourself.

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