The Negro I know

Raphael Amponsah
Jun 4 · 1 min read
Photo by Anaya Katlego on Unsplash

My origins, My race
I am but a silent one
I speak not of my greatness
I speak not of my weakness

I am of an origin we all belong
The race we all come from
Formed from sinews and veins
Formed from pains and stains

I am the vision of the seer
Yet, we belong to the same root
It’s neither a race or blood
We are bound by a bond so eternal
Eternal, just so like karma

That what you imply on me,
Implies to you
I am for you
You are for me!

Look no further for grace
When thou shunt on me

I am ever bleeding
Tis the dawn of freedom
I am ever true
To the price of freedom

Perceived to have nothing
Yet all desires my extinction
I am the black
I am the living
I, not you is black.

For you can’t feel my pain
Lest you see me as you!

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