Introducing Alpha. Where trust comes first.

Alpha Reserve
Nov 7, 2018 · 2 min read

Say hello to Alpha 👋

We are thrilled to announce a new premium investment offering called Alpha, from the makers of HeyPiggybank.

After listening to our valued customers and observing market trends, we believe the future of cryptocurrencies is built on trust, and have launched a new investment index specifically focused on trusted cryptocurrencies.

To our existing customers, you will be migrated to the new Alpha product in Jan 2019 — In the meantime your previous HeyPiggybank account will continue buying cryptocurrencies daily on the top-100 index and you can deposit or withdraw at anytime.

Why Alpha?

Alpha takes the complexity out of investing in cryptocurrencies and helps reduce your exposure to risky ICO’s, high volatility in the market, and the burden of keeping up-to-date in the constantly changing cryptocurrency landscape.

How does it work?

Alpha automatically buys 20 cryptocurrencies with each deposit you make. We manage and secure crypto-currencies on your behalf. Simply create and verify your account, bank transfer your deposit, and let Alpha begin building your crypto portfolio.

How do we rank the index?

The weighting in the Alpha index is determined by the cryptocurrencies overall score, based on three key criteria. Project, Team and Market capitalization. The weighting is calculated monthly and adjusted accordingly.

The Alpha Trust Index — Nov 2018

Project: Scored on the overall viability of the project — Including factors such as previous project milestones reached, technology stack underpinning the solution, active developer contributions, severity of previous security vulnerabilities, the number of nodes in the network, throughput of the system, availability on exchanges for liquidity, and the vision of the project as a whole.

Team: Scored by multiple criteria including: Foundation team as a whole, individual founders experience, core developer competence, quality and quantity of investors backing the project, history of the team shipping product milestones and community contributions to the project.

Market-Cap: Scored by the coins market capitalization against Bitcoin.

Investing in cryptocurrencies is a volatile game. We know, we have invested in 100 different cryptocurrencies every day for 18 months. The Alpha Trusted 20 is the result of this research & development, industry insights, a deep understanding of the underlying technologies, and the people behind them.

How to start?

Creating an account is simple. Signup with your email address at and be up and running in no time.

Alpha Reserve

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Introducing Alpha — Designed by traders and technologists with deep industry knowledge, Alpha is an index of the 20 most trusted cryptocurrencies.

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