I didn’t like it, at first

When I initially learned functional programming I wondered why a library would be written, filled with jargon, and expected to become my method of problem solving. What justifies adding a library to do something I can already do with normal JavaScript? I found the answer to that question after I learned functional programming without JavaScript.

Functional programming is not a JavaScript specific concept. It’s a paradigm. A style. A mindset. It changes the way you approach problem solving, from trying to figure out how the computer should achieve the solution, to deciding what operations/transformations to apply to your data structure to achieve a final result. The benefit is that you are at a much smaller risk of running into errors because a description of the operations is easier for your brain to create abstractions from than a sequence of instructions. …

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When I first learned about observables I was sceptical about what value I would get from them. Many of the operations they provide are already available with `Array#functions` and ES6 `Promises`.

What could possibly be the benefit of adding this entire library and adding the extra cognitive load to do something I can already do with modern JavaScript? — Me, evaluating Observables

I usually use React when I write Single Page Apps, and add Redux when I need some sane state management. This works well when you have simple functions that make backend calls and update state when the result is received, however firebase uses WebSockets to give you realtime updates as your data changes. …

After learning about React and redux I found two barriers to my adoption of them:

  • Creating and maintaining a sane folder structure.
  • Managing large forms.

Like most people, I thoroughly enjoyed redux after learning it. I used it for every project until I grew tired of the amount of boilerplate involved. I started skipping it on some components, and eventually, entire projects. This quickly came back to bite me when I started to see inconsistent state in my applications.

It can also be really tedious to build forms with more than 3 inputs while trying to stay within the bounds of the advice you receive in the React community (don’t use refs, maintain a single source of truth for state etc). …


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