My Startup Failed, I Lost Everything. Here’s What I Learned..

  • I was a non-techie founder
  • This happened about 2–3 years ago when I was 22
  • My 50k in savings came from a combination of online marketing stuff I was doing but mainly from a contract I had to do all the marketing stuff for the launch of a different SaaS company.
  • The name of my startup or what it was about is also not really relevant here, since my f ups can be applied to whatever startup you are in or thinking about doing

1) Don’t limit yourself to starting only what you think could be a billion dollar company

2) Choosing your co-founder

3) Actually getting started

4) Get clear on what you’re actually making.

5) Get clear on WHO you’re making this for and how they can be reached.

6) Talk to your ideal customers / “Validation”

7) Don’t be a feature whore

8) Go lean. like Tarzan lean.

9) Don’t waste money on legal stuff.

10) Funding

11) Advertising as your only revenue model is sketchy.

12) Caution with “brain drugs”



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