Electronic bills, also known as ‘E-bills’ are a secure, convenient and environment friendly way of delivering many of the bills you pay. Gone are those days, where purses and wallets used to explode with tons of bills and receipts from restaurants, parking lots and most importantly ATM’s, more and more customers are choosing to have their bills delivered electronically these days, as there are so many benefits and advantages of e-billing. An e-bill is basically an electronic version of a paper bill that one can view and pay online. E-bills are delivered to the websites of the companies whom you do business with, rather than in your mailbox. This could be any company like your bank, credit union etc. Once you have signed up to receive an e-bill, you can streamline all your bills online and stop receiving paper bills. Companies like Alpha Utilities is one of the leading companies that offer E-friendly services, alpha utilities projects management services are distinct and cost effective. Initially it was used only by private sector companies, but now government organizations have pledged to go eco-friendly and also encourage people to download e-billing applications on their phone. Below are some of the advantages of e-billing :-

• The basic and the most essential advantage of e-billing is that it doesn’t involve exploitation of trees, as it does not involve the use of paper. Thus, it is Eco-friendly and clutter free, it’s also very beneficial to companies who end up spending a huge chunk of money to buy sheets for bills. So, it helps both the buyer and seller in making a contribution towards the environment.
• E-bill and forms are less costly than traditional bills and forms.
• Bills are more up-to-date because of reduced time lag between production and delivery.
• They are hassle free, as one doesn’t have to carry loads of paper around and everything is available at a click.
• This system of electronic billing is safer than any other form of billing, since it includes passwords which are accessible only by the user. Many users have unique passwords for different bills every month.
• The main focus remains on processing the bills, with steps clearly laid out. This helps in cutting the effort put in to step out of the house and struggle in the queue to pay the bills.
• Online credit card and check payment options, make paying a bill online easy and convenient.
• Twelve months of billing and payment history is available, for users to keep a track record.
• There’s additional time to review and pay a bill prior to the due date since there are no delays from standard mail delivery.

Along with companies, each and every individual should start using the e-billing system, its environment and customer friendly, and saves a lot of valuable time and energy. There are many companies in India which provide e-billing services like Alpha Utilities.

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