Twitter saved me

with tiny stories.

As a teen I used to call myself a writer though I barely wrote anything and when I did it was absolute gibberish. I keep those words hung on my wall as a reminder of what my writing style used to be like in the beginning.

Twitter gave me the opportunity to find my voice in creative fiction. I began experimenting with 140 character fiction and later six word stories, inspired from Hemingway.

This passion led to finding a community of like-minded individuals. A community I would never have found was it not for Twitter. I’ve enjoyed collaborative fiction in which two or more users would reply to a tweet with another fictional story.

I used to call myself a writer. I now describe myself as a micro-writer.

Regardless of who you are, everyone needs to learn to write as concisely as possible. How else would you be able to identify a story’s essence in your upcoming novel?

“A picture is a 1000 words; Six words are a 1000 pictures.”

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