Guardians of Opinions

Social media is awesome. It helps people let other people (and sometimes themselves too) know of their thoughts & opinions. Everybody has an opinion (often called BS). No matter whether it is good or bad (or nasty as they say), it allows us to plaster our views into everyone else’s face (Nah! We just share it on our timelines.)

Having opinions is good particularly about things which impact our lives. It tells those decision owners (political parties, organizations & err… how-can-I-miss-these-kind Bollywood celebrities) that we are observant of their decisions and them better behave properly.

There is no such thing as right or wrong opinion. There is only difference of opinions. And they are good & essential for a democratic & diverse society like us(we do end up beating some of ourselves at times, let’s not count that). It helps us to look at things from multiple perspectives and preserve our sanity. Instead of making us having only Idly (all those drools, imagine having only Idly without chutney for the rest of your life), it serves us with a balanced meal.

A society with diverse & opposite opinions coming from its own subjects is a healthy society. It keeps us from becoming single-directioned morons ferociously pursuing one idea of thought which pleases our sense (or our narrow minded leaders).

The problem with opinion sharing on social media is the ownership people take about them. There is this perception that any opinion that I have about a decision of an organization should endorse the whole organization itself.

Let me tell you. THAT IS NOT. General public like us do not represent any political parties unless we understand & are inclined towards the underlying policies of them. If you appreciate a decision or criticize an outcoming, that appreciation or criticism can & should very well apply only to that instance and need not endorse the whole organization.

But increasingly that is not the case these days. People inherently assume that if they support a decision they should support the organization whole-heartedly. The moment we back an org without knowing its full policies & ideals we up ourselves for bitter arguments & troll wars. Sometimes the wars on social feeds go so nasty that it would make one think the previous age street fights were quite decent.

While nobility asks us to own up our own decisions we seldom do that. But we go to extreme extents to defend these third parties who don’t even disclose to us why they have taken such decisions. Of course a particular pattern of decisions lead to opinions about the org.

We have the right to form & share opinions but we must also keep one thing in mind. We are just general public, an audience. We can form opinions on decisions & organizations. That is when the orgs would also get to know whether they have taken a decision towards the mass or not.

While individual decisions may be appreciable, that doesn’t mean the opinion holder is endorsing the whole organization. So let’s feel free to both support & oppose various decisions of the same org if they deserve so (quite possibly with today’s political parties, this is bound to happen)

And let’s not mark those people who critically evaluate only decisions as opportunists. Because they are few of the last sane people in this insane era of social media.