Fear matters!

The world is evil, rightfully so! People are selfish and you too are so!

Cherish your insecurities. Do not subdue them. They are your enemies, and your friends. An enemy is only as valuable as close he is. The deeper your insecurities are, the better it is. No matter how much you subdue them, they are going to come back to haunt you. Embrace them and keep them at bay. Know them better.

And then run. No matter however many times you confront them, you are going to be afraid of them. Let them make you afraid. Run from them, and let them follow. But run along your goal.

For that matter, have a goal. If you haven’t got one, make that your goal until you find one.

No matter wherever you run, your insecurities are following you. Play them to your advantage. Nothing came out of no-fear, no-pain. After all, courage is just a word without your existential fear.

Are you a paranoid? Even better. Does the speeding car on the road looks like it’s gonna take a U-turn and hit you? Awesome. Does the bridge above looks like it’s gonna break anytime soon when you are under? Wonderful. Are you afraid of magnets losing power, bones losing strength and the skin losing their containing capacity? All good. Be afraid. Be alive.

Everyday you make mistakes. Great deal. Know what’s worse than making a mistake? Not making one. Not learning from one. Not moving on. Think of it. A mistake makes you low. And then when you overcome it, you get to a high. You are in a sine curve. Something is moving, something is happening. That’s called life. When you don’t make mistakes, when you not strive to overcome them, your curve is flat. You are dead.

On a lighter note, men are intrinsically intelligent creatures. We know the value of curves. Nature has taught us this, already.

The world is a deadly place and rightfully so. It isn’t created for you, nor you for the sake of it. You just happen to be here by serendipity. A mere chance, gone good. Act like it. A chance happened good for you and not for the world. It doesn’t care.

People are good. People are bad. No one is here to understand your pain and they are rightfully so. No one is here to cuddle you. Everyone has a motive and so is you.

You can be afraid of people, or you can pretend they don’t exist. But they do. You connect with some of them, some of them understand you. But no one understands you better than you, yourself. If someone does, you aren’t living yourself. And if you understand someone better than yourself, you aren’t living for yourself.

Do things for others, get things done. Learn to express. Things go bad sometimes. Nothing is bad until you think so. If it gets to a point where you think so, acknowledge. And then move on. Life is too short to rumble in the scatters of the past.

In the end, if you haven’t done what you wish for, it’s definitely not theirs to blame. In deathbed you are only going to count the plucked fruits. You ain’t got time for feeling good about situations gone bad. Life is too short for excuses and complaints and a deathbed is definitely even shorter.

Life isn’t a precious shit, nor a worthless diamond. It all depends on how much you use it. Live through it. If you don’t live it, don’t blame anyone. Not even yourself. It’s just one more oyster gone unfound. The universe will suck you up and throw you somewhere else, in some other form. Better live there.

Still living here? Start running! Your fears are catching up, so is your life.