Your Lunchbox is important. Girlfriend? May be!

Your lunch box is important. And that is all I want to say.

But I know you won’t believe. Let me explain.

If you don’t have a girlfriend, you probably aren’t missing much. But if you don’t have a lunch box, you are going to miss that delicious home made lunch.

You can forget your lunch box in your office and come home. But you can’t forget your girlfriend in a shopping mall and reach home. The consequences are well, let’s just say, serious.

You can also forget your girlfriend in an auto-rickshaw. Max that will happen is she will scream at you once she is back. But if you forget your lunch box in a rickshaw, the poor creature can not even scream. It can’t even tell you.

It will just sit in the rickshaw like a mouth less soul and go along with the auto driver. And it may get subjected to whatever man handling it has to incur.

Because even when you get your lost lunch box back, you can’t tell it how much struggle you went through to find it.

Like how you remembered you left it in the auto just after the guy left. Or how you shouted to make him stop the auto. Or how you crossed the road hoping he would take a U-turn and come back (because he mentioned going somewhere). And how you feel dejected when he didn’t.

It would feel like the guy gave you a ride just to kidnap your lunch box. He might or might not have. The point is your lunch box is gone. And you can’t do much about it. You can’t launch a city wide or even a street wide search to get it back. Even if you try to do, no one would care much. They would just say, ‘Arey, it’s just a lunch box. You can buy a new one’.

They never know how much you love it. And how thankful you are for it. And probably your lunch box also will never get to know that, unless you have told it earlier.

So, take care of your lunch box. That’s important.

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