Investing is a tough task. Anyone who has traded live markets will concur. There’s always a point when you lose money. When this happens, a lot of questions emerge: Was the investment thesis wrong? Were risks incorrectly assessed? Was the potential gain of the trade too low? Was the timing decision poor?

Investment professionals have tried to come up with answers before it’s too late. Whether you are a stock picker or study the statistical properties of time series, investing typically means coming up with a system, i.e. a set of rules that considers scenarios and triggers buy or sell…

In this article, I’ll introduce Alphien, a fintech that offers free access - for non-professional quantitative researchers - to curated financial data and a strategy building pipeline. Thanks to the Alphien platform, you can design a robust systematic strategy in only a few lines of code, no need to be a financial expert.

Who is Alphien for ?

Alphien’s objective is to open access to data and tools used by professional quantitative researchers. …


Connecting talented quantitative researchers to investment managers

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