The Importance Of Proper Product Packaging And Essential Tips

There are numerous design tips for a successful packaging design. It is important to know the audience of the product. This may be women who enjoy gardening or men who prefer to complete jobs themselves. This information has a major impact on package design. Instead of focusing on how good the product is or how easy it is to use, the focus should be placed on what the product does for the customer since this is the where the selling power is at.

Looking at multiple designs next to one another is a good way to see what stands out. If the design appeals to friends and family it should appeal to the customers as well. The design of the packaging will be influenced by the price of the product. Over designing for a low price product will unnecessarily raise the price of the packaging supplies and the packaging costs. It is important to consider the packaging for the competition. It is easy to see what the competition is doing by visiting the local stores. This will ensure the packaging rises above the competition.

If a package is too unusual or unique it is difficult to display. This means the stores will not want to display the product. Easier stocking may increase sales. The type of box is determined by the cost. Whether the product is displayed in paper or plastic the advantages must be weighed against the costs. Consistency is important if there are multiple products. The visual impact will attract more attention. This will lead to additional sales. The consumer experience must also be considered. This includes if the product is completely sealed, if it can be touched, die cut windows and if the store will display an example out of the packaging.

There must be sufficient room on the package to display the benefits of the product. This is much easier if the product is larger. Headers, photos and ad copy are very effective for smaller products because the room is very limited. An effective package design takes the future into consideration. Multiple products draw more attention on the shelves, are more attractive to the consumer and show consistency in the brand. If the color really pops it will help the consumer notice the brand. A lot of companies choose a dominant color to create their brand because it will stand out. Many colors are also chosen because they match the color of the product. It will take time to establish a color but it must be properly planned.

It is best if the copy is right to the point and succinct. It does not require a large amount of words for the copy to get the most important points across. This can be accomplished by using illustrations or photos that either describe the product or show how it should be used. A good picture can convey the same message as a thousand words. A quality printer with experience in package printing should be used. Chances are good the printer on the corner is not experienced with package printing. Package printing is a specialty just like package designing. The printing quality will reflect on the product.

The package has just four seconds to grab the attention of the consumer and display the benefits over the competition. Part of this quick decision will be based on the customers perception of the packaging.