To friends and family who support Hillary Clinton

The FBI is investigating Hillary Clinton for a number of issues currently: Use of insecure communication devices in the State Department’s Mahogany Row, use of a private (and insecure) e-mail server during the same time, obstruction of justice for attempting to delete 30K e-mail messages subpoenaed by the DOJ, possible breach of ethics for granting lucrative contracts to contributors to the Clinton Foundation…

How can Hillary Clinton look people in the eye when the facts acknowledged on national TV by the President show she’s at best careless, and at worst a criminal who believes her position insulates her from the law? Regardless of if the DOJ indicts her, their findings are sure to fuel the fire and further divide Americans during the general election. If, and when she becomes the Democratic nominee that is.

Clinton’s miasma of scandal: Always it seems Hillary Clinton is never far from scandal. Fair or not, the stench of Whitewater, Travelgate, Ken Starr, Vince Foster, Rose Law Firm, Troopergate, Benghazi, and the current FBI probe will follow her and undermine her credible standing as a leader we can trust. And surely there are some tough times coming for US that will require the people’s earned trust and devotion.

To be fair, I do believe Clinton means well. But, I also feel that she is blinded by her lust for power. I believe this because her opponent is a straight arrow who will likely win the Presidency if nominated. And, the stakes are seemingly so high this election cycle that to hope the DOJ doesn’t indict her, or worse that she can cut some deal to have the their findings buried until after the general election seems to me reckless, and self-serving.

In contrast, I believe Sanders has the moral standing and strength of conviction required to make the case for change to the American people. Sanders is who he says he is and his record of taking unpopular stands on issues of great importance is well-documented. History has shown clearly the wisdom of the unpopular battles he has fought. This is something you can not emulate by constantly gauging the direction of the day’s political winds.

America, and the entire world, needs USA to be strong and just. We need to inspire the world through action towards a future where global wars are averted, the ocean, the lands, and the air is not poisoned, and where all people have the opportunity to become educated, productive, and enjoy the benefits of their hard labor in peace.

Who will lead US down this path? Can Bernie Sanders deliver? I honestly don’t know. But, I do seriously doubt Clinton’s ability and willingness to stick to the politically bruising battles that most assuredly will occur when Americans demand that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness be shared more equitably than is the case today. I have no such doubts about Bernie Sanders.

Thank you for reading. Please get out and vote!