Everything Is Yours, Everything Is Not Yours
Clemantine Wamariya

I feel You. In Nigeria, at the moment, what you guys went through in Rwanda is nothing compared to what Children, Women and helpless Nigerians are going through in North-Eastern Nigeria. But why the media silence?

Have you heard about Southern Sudan?….Do you Know that plcae is another Hell on Earth?…..Do you Know that compared with what is going on there AS WE SPEAK, you had it very good while in Rwanda?…….I know its hard to believe, but absurd truths are usually are.

Again, the Media Silence is deafening. Do you Know that had the media been silent about the Rwandan crisis, you probably might not have made it out alive?

Please, be grateful, Be strong, Rebuild your Family, Enjoy Your Life….But TRY to speak for the voiceless in South Sudan, In North-Eastern Nigeria, and in every God-forsaken hell hole on earth, perhaps the world will act, perhaps.

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