5 Hottest Bridal Beauty Trends For This Wedding Season

It is rightly said that the only thing which is constant in life is ‘change’. As it is an inevitable part of everybody’s life, we do witness change every now and then in various aspects of life. Bridal trends being no exception, also do change every year. And, why not? After all, every bride wants to look not only her best, but also better than the rest of the brides she has seen in the past.

If you are also going to get married this year, and want to look your best on the most special day of your life, then here are some of the best bridal beauty tips for you. You will not only find the latest bridal makeup trends, but also some must-have products as well as pre-bridal tips. So, here is what you have to do look flawless on your wedding day.

1. Colour Splash

This wedding season is all about the ‘tints of neon’. Crimson red, orange, lilac, lavender, deep purple, etc., are very much in trend. Amidst the regular favourites like pink, red and orange, purple is making its mark as the favourite bridal colour. All these hot favourite shades having a flavour of ‘neon’ can be used either way- on your lips or on your eyes. Tinges of neon shades like, hot pink, poppy orange, glistening green, yelling yellow, etc., can also be a perfect choice for the bridal eye makeup. However, the colourful smokey look still remains the hot choice for eye makeup even in this season. Glitter is out, while shimmer is in fashion again. So, for a radiant makeup base, foundations having sheen can be chosen to infuse a fresh glow on your face.

2. Style Your Tresses

Hairstyles that exhibit a lot of volume on your tresses are quite hit these days. In addition, huge accessories are being preferred by Indian Brides. Tamed hairs are now a passé, and the brides prefer messy look instead. This is because it makes them look naturally gorgeous. Fusion braids, i.e., the braids that combine two styles are also being preferred a lot these days. Some of these mix-n-match braids include- reverse French braid, four or five pleated braid with fishbone tail, ball braids with Swarovski crystals, etc.

3. Bridal Essentials

Despite taking care of everything, some or the other hassle might still occur on your wedding day. These troubles might be inevitable, but for some of those, there are at least some quick fixes. You must carry a lip colour, blush, kohl, and blotting paper to the wedding venue, so as to avoid any last minute goof up happening to your makeup. In addition to saving you from any problem, these things will help you to keep your makeup fresh all the time.

4. Pre-Wedding Beauty Treatments

Extreme peeling is not recommended before your wedding. Still, one may opt for regular lasers and masks sittings at an expert salon to wave of her skin worries. These treatments are known to regenerate the skin sans any side effects– so they are safer to be undergone. One such treatment is ‘microdermabrasion’. It is an assorted skin treatment for brides who possess strong tanning or scars. But, make sure to visit a reliable cosmetic clinic for any such thing, so as to stay safe from infections, allergies, and more.

5. Nail art for Gorgeous Hands

Opt for funky nail art to show-off your lovely hands at your wedding. These days, French nails, 3D nail art with Swarovski crystals, and other nail accessories like, pearls, stones etc., are seen to be making waves. You can also try the latest soak-off nail-paints that last for longer duration.

While a lot of things are just so new in this wedding season, the basics remain the same. So, play around with colours for your makeup, or go all wild with your hairdo; but do not forget some old school rules to make your wedding day a hassle free and memorable affair.

Article by- Ms. Bharti Taneja, Beauty Expert and Director of ALPS Beauty Clinics.

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