5 Red-Carpets Makeup Trend that’ll RULE the year 2016

Ms. Ishika Taneja, the makeup maestro, reveals 5 super-latest makeup trends that you must try this year to be that scintillating diva you always wanted to be.

Ms. Ishika Taneja is Guinness World Record Holder for Fastest and Best Makeup in the World; has worked with best Hollywood and Bollywood Celebrities and is also the Executive Director of ALPS group

Graphic Liner: Alia Bhatt at Stardust Awards 2015

Alia Bhatt complimented her gown with a Jet Black Graphic liner that endowed her with classy and catty peepers.

How to Do : Be ready to own this look by picking a blackest-of-black gel liner and drawing a geometric line over your lash-line. Now, line you waterline with some pencil kohl and merge it together — while extending both the lines towards the end of eye-brows. In case of shaky hands, you can use a stencil or bring-out a business-card and use it as a stencil to make the most of your eye-do.

Stained Lips: Sonakshi Sinha at Guild Awards 2015

Lipsticks are out, the new ones ruling the makeup scene are stained lips. Light Hued yet very-very saucy — these lip-stains are bringing out an international oomph on Sonakshi Sinha’s look. Multi-tasking in nature, these stains are available as lip-n-cheek stains and can be use to amp-up the warmth of your cheeks as well as. In case you’re in rush — depend upon good-old lipsticks and apply it using your index fingers.

How to do : The best way is to pick some stain and apply it using index finger for an all-natural, plumpy pout. However, if you don’t like your hands dirty — apply the color with a blending brush and get Cinderella-like smoochers ready. While hues of peach, coral, pink are the favorites for staining — you may go a little ahead by choosing shades of marsala, wines etc,. as well, for the purpose.

Naturally Flushed Cheeks: Nimrat Kaur at Star Screen Awards 2016

A natural flush in makeup is being aimed for instead of a shimmery-do. This rosy glow not only compliments every skin-tone — but highlights the cheeks and chisels the face like no other. So, if you aim of a girly, pinkish avatar — go ahead.

How to Do : Smile and apply the product on the apple of your cheeks while brushing towards your hair-line. But, be sure to choose your shade depending upon your native undertone. Select a peach hue — if your undertone is warm, or settle down for a pink blusher if you’re one with cool undertones.

Pastel Wobs: Bonnie Mckee at 58th Grammy Awards, Red Carpet

This really-chic hairdo is complimenting Bonnie way beyond. Not just the wavy-bob, the pink over her naturally blonde tresses is totally taking her look to the next level.

How to Do : The only way to flaunt this gorgeous look is by visiting a professional hair-salon and getting a bob hair cut along with the color. You can also go for a polished ombre for a more sophisticated look. Try reds, blondes, magentas, hot pinks on the tips of your wob and look smolderingly delicious.

Top Knot: Deepika Padukone at Star Screen Awards 2016

This top-knot is the most comfortable yet international style for ones who don’t like letting their hair loose. Deepika looks so just-out-of-Hollywood in this sleek top-bun — which is complimenting her dress so-well. Go for this if you want to get a romantically-polished look without the hassle of re-touching your tresses again and again.

How to Do : Just apply a hair-gel in gracious amount on your entire, (pre-detangled) tresses to get a slick-look. Then make a high-pony and secure it with a rubber-band. Now, roll-up all the hair and secure beneath you bun — using few bobby-pins.