Alqo Update 18. March 2018

Mar 18, 2018 · 4 min read
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Today we want to share with you the latest development progress and how everything comes in play:

We want to introduce you our plan, called the “3-section”-update.

What is the “3-section”-update?
- For our latest changes we need to make sure that everything plays together nicely to guarantee a smooth and conflictless change of the protocol version and integration of all new features.
We came up with the idea of 3 seperate updates cooming in fixed timeframes.

Update 1 [18.03.2018] — Daemon Version v2.9 :
— Activation of the Liberio Framework
— Daemon-Update to allow the new protocol-version 70714
— Stratum-Update to allow the new ALQO-Stratum Protocoll which will allow the Developer-Fee to come in play

Update 2 [25.03.2018] — Daemon Version v3.0 :
— Disable block-validation on the old protocol-version 70713
— Daemon Update to introduce the new ZeroCoin UI
— Developer-Fee Countdown to be shown

Update 3 [] — Daemon Version v3.1 :
— Full-Release of Liberio Mobile Wallets
— Daemon-Update to disable connections to the told protocol-version 70714
— Daemon-Update to allow ZeroCoin+ transactions and ALQO Hypersend
— Daemon & Stratum Activation of the Developer-Fee
* First block that pays the Developer-Fee as well as allowing ZeroCoin+ transactions will be 207660.

Please keep in mind that adding all features and changes in a single update is not possible due to the huge changes on the protocols.
Splitting those updates up in three-parts will guarantee that everything is working nicely without the need of a FORK!

We are also going to release an Auto-Updater between Update 1 [18.03.] and Update 2 [25.03.] which is going to automatically keep your ALQO Daemon always on the latest version.
This will also help you to get through those three update phases.

It’s important to understand that you can either update to every single one of those updates in the next week or keep on your current version and update to version 3.1 on 01.04.2018.
Both methods will not loose you any ALQO and will not reset your MN-Ranking.

We are working closely together with exchanges and pool-owners which are most likely the most affected nodes in the network.

The following changelog is the full changelog for v3.1 — you can check this version out already in our testnet which is going to be released mid this week:

RPC and other API changes:
[RPC] Allow infinite unlock
[RPC] Add proposal name to removal log
[RPC] Add missing ‘vote-alias’ implementation
[ZMQ] ZMQ integration for XLQ
[RPC] Refactor & JSONify results from masternode command(s)
[RPC] Add active/incative flag to getstakingstatus RPC call
[RPC] Make ‘masternode status’ more verbose
[RPC] Standardize RPC Commands
[RPC] Change Parameter Order of bip38decrypt
*RPC — Conversion from XLQ to zXLQ can be done using the mintzerocoin command.

Configuration and Console
[Wallet] Add parameter interaction between -disablewallet and -staking
[Qt] Fix segfault when running with -help
[Output] Reformat help messages
[Output] Update default value for -peerbloomfilters in help

[Trivial] Pre-release warning message fixed.
Add IsNull and SetNull interfaces to uint256
Update EXT_COIN_TYPE according to BIP44
[Wallet] Remove unused member wallet in UnlockContext inner class
Include both pending and mature zXLQ for automint calculations
* In addition to the automatic wallet backup that is done at each start of the client, a new automatic backup function has been added that will, by default, create a backup of the wallet file during each zXLQ mint operation.

P2P Protocol and Network
[P2P] Enable Bloom filter and add new nService for light clients including Liberio
[core] fix payment disagreements, reduce log-verbosity
[P2P] Improve TOR service connectivity
[Main] Change sporkDB from smart ptr to ptr.
*Integrating with Tor is now easier than ever! Starting with Tor version it is possible, through Tor’s control socket API, to create and destroy ‘ephemeral’ hidden services programmatically.

[UI] Improved unlock usability
[Qt] Add “NODE_BLOOM” and “NODE_BLOOM_WITHOUT_MN” to guiutil
[Qt] Enable support for Qt’s HighDpiScaling
[Depends] Update Depends with newer versions
[GUI/RPC] Changed bubblehelp text + RPC startmasternode help text fixed
Check if model is valid before using in transactionView
[Qt] Make lock icon clickable to toggle wallet lock state
[Qt] Fix UI tab order and shortcuts
*GUI — Conversion from XLQ to zXLQ can be done using the Privacy Dialog in the QT wallet. Enter the amount of XLQ you would like to convert and click Mint Zerocoin




ALQO is a multipurpose cryptocurrency driven by it’s own network. Visit : for further information.

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