ALQO welcomes new core developer.

Nov 8, 2019 · 2 min read

We are excited to welcome notable blockchain developer Barrystyle (@barrystyle) as our new core blockchain developer for ALQO. Barry is a seasoned blockchain developer that has been active in the crypto space for several years and has contributed to many notable projects, while also handling core development for others. An updated list of his contributions can be found on his GitHub profile, available here: — please join me in welcoming him to the ALQO family.

What’s next for ALQO with Barry’s involvement secured? Currently, he is updating the existing ALQO codebase to a more stable and performant Pivx version before the “Polaris” chain release, and more information will follow regarding this update in the next 1–2 weeks, once his work has completed. I will update the community accordingly. Additionally, we hope to deploy a new QT wallet, with support for more operating system versions. I know many community members would like to see multiple Mac versions, stable Ubuntu releases, etc. We will make as many available as possible. A complete list will follow sometime next week.

Additionally, once we’ve completed the update on the existing ALQO chain, Barry and I will put our attention to the new ALQO blockchain, Polaris, continuing its development to bring it to market. More info regarding that topic to follow in the upcoming days. I’m confident that with Barry’s expertise and experience, we can execute the original vision for the state-based chain, giving ALQO a significant technological competitive advantage and increasing its viability in the marketplace.

Thank you to everyone for your support and your understanding during this stressful transition period for our project. I believe these changes represent a positive fundamental shift in ALQO and directly benefit our key planet, Bitfineon. In closing, I know many of you have questions for Barry, but please do not bombard his DMs. He will most likely come-and-go in chat when available, between his workflow.

As always, feel free to address any immediate questions to me in the Discord or Telegram channels. I will do my best to make sure to answer as quickly as possible, my schedule permitting. — Jared


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ALQO is a multipurpose cryptocurrency driven by it’s own network. Visit : for further information.

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