Announcement of Upcoming Swap

Nov 15, 2019 · 2 min read

ALQO community members, we are preparing for an upcoming swap to a more performant and optimized Pivx-based codebase to replace the existing ALQO chain. This new interim chain will serve ALQO while we continue to work on the forthcoming Polaris codebase, which will feature unique developments proprietary to its chain. This interim chain will be available for you to swap your existing ALQO coins in the next few days. The swap will require a few short steps to transfer your coins to the new interim chain. The swap will ensure your coins are secure from any malicious bad actors or poor performance associated with the existing ALQO chain. The new interim chain continues with the existing chain economics.

Why are we swapping to a new interim chain ahead of the release of Polaris?

1) Recently we parted ways with our controversial former lead developer, Kevin Collmer. At the time of Kevin’s departure from ALQO, we requested the return of 2m+ XLQ in his possession left-over from the recent developer reward issued at block 1m. Kevin has yet to make any attempt to fulfill his promise to return the XLQ. Instead, he has taken steps to obfuscate his ownership of the coins to, presumably, profit from them when we launch the new chain. Please rest assured, we have implemented significant safeguards to ensure the integrity of the new chain. And, we will proactively thwart his ability to transfer any coins to the new chain.

2) The existing codebase for ALQO uses an older version of Pivx. It will benefit from an updated version as a base to maintain the ALQO brand while we continue development on the Polaris codebase. Our new core developer (@barrystyle) has done a great job of creating a stable and highly performant release for the interim ALQO chain. Additionally, we are actively engaged in ongoing development discussions and tasks for Polaris’ dev schedule. More info on Polaris to follow in a separate announcement.

Please note. We will issue a new wallet update with this swap. All community members and ALQO holders will be required to update to this new wallet version to complete the swap. Also, Kevin has not relinquished control of the current ALQO GitHub. We have prepared a new GitHub, which will be the official one for all future releases for ALQO. The new official GitHub will be public once the swap is active.

Please reach out to a community member or manager in the ALQO Discord server if you have any questions or need technical assistance.

ALQO Discord Server URL:

My best to the ALQO community — Jared


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ALQO is a multipurpose cryptocurrency driven by it’s own network. Visit : for further information.

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