The State of ALQO & Bitfineon

Nov 5, 2019 · 3 min read

Let me preface this announcement by stating, ALQO and Bitfineon are 100% intact and moving forward. I know many community members have questioned the recent silence from ALQO management in the Discord. Still, I want to assure everyone the project is rock-solid and continuing with its planned roadmap. Now, it’s time to address the elephant in the room, which is the current state of Kevin’s involvement with ALQO and Bitfineon.

Last week, the general partners of BIG Fintech and I officially requested Kevin to step-down from his role of CTO with Bitfineon GmbH and of core-developer for ALQO. To accompany his departure, Kevin has provided a written statement to the Bitfineon board that he will return the outstanding sum of 2.86m XLQ to the development team, which were part of the recent 10m XLQ developer reward, once the legal procedures regarding his departure are complete. Many reasons went into the decision for Kevin’s departure, but suffice it to say; we believe this to be the best way forward for the project and all parties concerned.

Current legal engagements prohibit us from expounding on further details concerning this decision. Still, the decision is final, and it was approved by all members of the Bitfineon board, via a majority shareholder per our corporate articles and bylaws.

What this change means for ALQO/Bitfineon development going forward:

1) We are expanding the development team and segregating workflow to include a more efficient development task schedule, so that we may bring more refined and complete products to market promptly. We will be implementing Agile/Scrum methodologies and providing regular updates to the community to keep everyone up to date on the development status of all products in our roadmap.

2) We have retained the services of a leading blockchain developer to take over Kevin’s responsibilities for the development and maintenance of the ALQO chain. Currently, we’re finalizing his contract and will announce his full details once the agreement is final. We anticipate his announcement by the end of this week. He has an extensive and impressive development history in the blockchain space, and I know the community will be happy he is involved.

3) We have appointed Nash as our interim-CTO for Bitfineon GmbH. Nash is a highly qualified and skilled Full Stack developer who has previously worked on Bitfineon and ALQO. It is my hope the community will welcome him warmly and support him in this new role. Additionally, Ra6e will be assisting Nash and providing front-end development support. Both Nash and Ra6e have been long-time members of the ALQO community and are excited to move us forward.

4) We have successfully on-boarded front-end and back-end developers with notable experience in the crypto space to complete development on Bitfineon. The development team will also handle the upcoming redesigned ALQO website. In addition to these items, we will be launching a newly created and more performant explorer with additional features. The QT wallet will also receive an overhaul.

There are more items in the pipeline, but I will end this announcement here for now. We want to remind the community much thought and consideration went into this decision, and we believe these steps represent the best foot forward in terms of success for ALQO and Bitfineon.

Please feel free to reach out to me or the BIG Fintech partners in the Discord or Telegram channels. — Jared


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