Northwest Cabarrus Students at Camp Thunderbird during last semester’s Fall Weekend

Getting Started

As 2016 rolled around, myself and the rest of the leaders at Northwest were incredibly excited to start the new semester of school and Young Life. We were coming off a wildly successful camp trip, and a semester where the Lord’s faithfulness was actively being shown in club, campaigners and relationships with our high school friends. However, as the semester started, all of those successes seemed to fade into the background as things became difficult for our team. Things such as poor weather, scheduling conflicts, schoolwork and other responsibilities brought challenges to beginning this new year. As these conflicts were overcoming us as a team, I came back to Psalm 117:2, which says “For great is His steadfast love for us, and the faithfulness of the LORD endures forever. Praise the LORD!” Through the difficulties of starting this semester for all of us, we as a team haven’t stopped praying and showing up to the school, and the Lord hasn’t stopped blessing us with his incredible mercies everyday. The Lord has very evidently shown up in our first few Campaigners, and we ask that you pray with us that He continues to show up in our first Club of the semester tonight, February 18th!

Prayer Requests

  • Depth and Unity in Campaigners: The number of students at Campaigners has absolutely blown us away, but in those numbers we lack in depth and unity between our friends. Pray with us that they grow closer together as the Lord uses us and them to reach our friends at Northwest.

  • Summer Camp Sign-Ups: This summer we get the incredible opportunity to take another trip to Frontier Ranch in Colorado. While this is going to be an amazing trip, there is little excitement in our friends to get signed up for this adventure. Pray with us that whatever is holding our friends back like money, busyness, and overall lack of excitement, gets washed away by an overwhelming desire to take this adventure of a lifetime. Also, pray with us that 15 guys and 15 girls from Northwest will get on that flight this June.

  • Club Location: Our biggest struggle the last few weeks has been to find a consistent location for club. Pray with us that the Lord will open doors and bless us with a consistent and central location for us to share the Gospel with our friends.

Thank you for your consistent love, support and prayer for Northwest Cabarrus. Your heart for our friends and our ministry is greater than anything we could ever ask for.

John 10:10: The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I have come that they may have life and have it abundantly.