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“We look at the present through a rear-view mirror. We march backwards into the future” (pg. 73) are we really? Who are we without new media? maybe people from the 19th/18th century. We’ve already lived and experienced how it could be and we know exactly who we are without it. It is definitely more of who we are with it. 
Why does it seem that there’s a negative connotation attached to “new media” today? as if it has a prominent role of altering our intelligence, productivity, and our way of life as opposed to progressing it. The way I view it, it has much more to do with our human behavior than the actual medium and much more of how we react and interact with technology. Therefore, you asked how can people find new media illogical or a step behind? it is probably our we way of facing new challenges we don’t understand it at first and try to blame it on everything except us, and maybe it is about how people are utilizing new media and using it.

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