How to make Interaction Designers (my take)

Alessandro Ranellucci
Jul 18 · 13 min read

Literature describes a varied landscape and teachers face a common challenge: what Interaction Design should I teach?

No, you can’t pack everything in three years

So, should we include a little bit of everything with no deepening or should we pick a subset of subjects to teach thoroughly?

Introducing interaction

We, as designers, manipulate a few elements including shape, visuals, motion, sound: interaction is one of them. It is an autonomous design element which we can handle creatively.

Designing interaction is often more similar to writing a screenplay rather than shaping an object.

History matters

A bit of theory of interaction

From theory to practice: assignments

Future Interaction Designers: you must learn to hold a pen and sketch quick and effective storyboards.

More practice: coding!

Final projects

Graduate thesis!


Oh, this was a long article

Just a few more words

Alessandro Ranellucci

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Software engineer, 3D printing pioneer, author of, speaker. Curator of @MakerFaireRome and open source lead at @teamdigitaleIT & @developersITA

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