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@stevewardrip You really believe that Pres. Duterte wants all the killings that has been happening? Have you cried the same when there were vigilante killings in our past gov’t administrations? perhaps not. Perhaps you’re only crying now thanks to the media coverage. Have you any idea that the killings have been going on 30 years back or more? Have you seen that there had been drug lords living a luxurious life inside our penitentiaries? Have you been to Davao? Do you know that there’s a 911 system there? How about Singapore, are you not going to condone their harsh ‘punishment’ for those caught related to drugs? Perhaps I’m wrong, perhaps you already most of the things I mentioned. But you’ll really never know, in-depth, emphatically, because you’re not from here and you’ve (perhaps) never been here in the Philippines long enough to really really understand our plight.

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