Why I don’t like being a nurse

There are many tales about nursing. Some will talk about how hard it is just to even get a degree in nursing, much more to pass the board exam. I even remember this teacher who posted on her facebook saying that “Nursing it the laziest job”.

I am a license holder in the Philippines for over 4 years now. For all we know, If I practiced nursing, I could have been anywhere in this world now enjoying my dollars.

For all its worth, I will now share why I don’t like being a nurse

  1. I don’t like being bossed around

Did you know that if I can just eat a box of apples a day just to keep that one rude doctor away, I would’ve? Not all doctors are nice. Some doctors does not respect nurses. Now before you blow this write up out of proportion, I clearly said “some”. To site an example, I will tell you a story from my college years.

Horror Story

I was assisting a normal delivery for this doctor in one of the less popular hospitals in the province of the Philippines. The doctor raised her voice on me because she thought she was right. Obviously, I believe I was right and I told my professor about it. You know what my professor said? He said I was definitely right and that I should just “Let it be, we are just nurses, she’s a doctor.” This is why I don’t like being a nurse.

2) I want to sleep during the night

If you’re a nurse, you will be working day in and day out. You will have night shifts. Night shifts are usually from 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM. Now if you’re not a nurse, if you hear night, you will think about all the things you’ll comfortably do. For nurses, night is trying to survive patients, doctors, stress, sleep deprivation, toxic patients, and everything you can imagine.

3) I don’t enjoy wiping other people’s ass

Now this is not figurative, this is as literal as it gets. If you’re a nurse, you will have to wipe people’s ass and that’s actually a part of your job. Now these are not baby asses, these are adult asses. If it’s not someone related to me by blood? Or someone I really care for? There’s no way that I will wipe your ass.

4) I don’t like seeing people die

A hospital is a place where people go to for cure. Inevitably, some will not make it out of the hospital alive. Have you ever seen someone die? Have you seen families cry over their mom, dad, loved ones die? I did, not once but more times that I could count. It is no fun at all. Yes I do not know them personally but a life is a life. To add to the pain of seeing people die, you will even have do post-mortem care. This is where you will clean the deceased, remove all contraptions like the tubes, catheters, and everything that shouldn’t be there.

5) I love the holidays

You do know that hospitals are open on holidays, right? For nurses, they don’t have holidays. When that midnight bell rings, they’re in the hospitals giving medications and not eating mango float with their families.

6) Philippines or nothing at all

You will not be able to support a family with 10,000 pesos per month and this is why nurses go abroad. Everytime I do an interview, the HR officer will ask me: “We want commitment from our nurses. We want them to stay with us. We want loyalty”. Right, we will stay because we will be able to live off that 10,000 pesos per month. By the way, 10,000 pesos will still be subject for tax. If I practiced nursing, I would be dead hungry everyday.

It breaks my heart how private hospitals treat their nurses. How do they stomach paying nurses this kind of salary and expect loyalty in return? How can this government even fail to regulate these hospitals? I see this as human trafficking. This is an exploitation of an extremely valuable labor force.

Pilipinas, mahal kita pero ang sakit sakit na.