I love trains. Trains. Trolleys. Light rail. Subways. Whenever I’m in a new city, I try to take the local rail service. Usually, it’s the fastest, most reliable way to get around.

When time permits, I will always take Amtrak’s Acela over airlines between NYC and DC. At the end of the day, weather permitting, planes are faster than trains. But, Delta does have those really tasty Biscoff cookies. Hmmmmmm.

I digress.

Yesterday, I took Amtrak’s Empire Service along the Hudson River to NYC. Forget about the :30 late departure or the fact we got stuck behind a local commuter train, adding almost an hour to our arrival. Note to Metro-North/Amtrak: let Amtrak zip past while you momentarily let a commuter train cool it’s wheels before going on its merry way.

That said, there are few more relaxing, tranquil train trips than rolling along the Hudson River.

If you’re going southbound, make sure you sit on the right side of the car, preferably by the window. You will become a child again, mesmerized by the ever-changing landscape of the river, its currents, the water traffic and the scenery on both sides.

Put down your device and watch the best real reality immersive device ever invented: the window.