This morning, I found myself in Hudson, NY heading home after the long July 4th weekend. I was taking Amtrak’s 10:30 Empire Service back down to NYC.

After getting dropped off in downtown a little early, I found myself outside a great little French cafe called La Perche.

The front is a typical French bakery with all sorts of fresh breads, muffins, scones and croissants.

After being waited on by some really nice folks, step beyond the counter, past the dining room and through the garden dining area and you will come to a great little secret in downtown Hudson: Housed inside what was a carriage house is a wood burning brick oven, imported from France, capable of turning out 3,000 baguettes a day. That’s about a half a baguette for everyone who lives in Hudson.

The smell is so amazing and the floor of the oven rotates via a crank allowing the baker to access the different loaves and croissants.

The brick oven retains so much heat that it takes two weeks for it to cool down.

Oh, and by the way, the bread is amazing!!! And do yourself a favor, if you do find yourself in Hudson: get the maple glazed bacon bun. Heaven on a plate.

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