Al Sanchez Rideshare Collision Support Services — Uber and Lyft Drivers

Are you one of those freelance taxi drivers in America who has been thinking about either joining Uber or Lyft but the lack of enough support for drivers in case of a collision have been holding you back? Are you already an Uber or Lyft driver and have been feeling a little left out by your parent company when it comes to any sort of communal support for drivers? The thing is — the introduction of cab services such as Uber and Lyft have completely transformed the transportation system of America. It’s has been increasingly convenient for people to find reliable and comfortable means of transportation for commuting or traveling in the city. However — while the masterminds running these huge enterprises ace in developing public relations and making sure their customers are always satisfied, not enough support is available for uber or lyft drivers.

Al Sanchez Rideshare Collision Support:

This is where Al Sanchez Rideshare and Its partners walk in! The founder Al Sanchez has exclusively established an entire company to support uber and lyft drivers. Here’s how this works: you work with either uber or lyft; you are their registered driver; but in case of an accident or collision, you come to us for Rideshare collision support. We would try our best to get you all sorts of mechanical, physical, financial, injury rideshare attorney and economic support that is required at the time. Why would we do that, you ask? Because — we believe uber and lyft drivers deserve all the support they can get.

Communal Rights from Al Sanchez Rideshare:

Al Sanchez Rideshare is a project that was initiated especially by keeping those individuals in mind who earn their bread and butter through uber and lyft. When you work in an organization in whatever capacity you’re entitled to certain facilities, incentives, and securities. With services like Uber and lyft, you are working essentially as a freelancer. Yes, you are part of a big network but not in the traditional sense. The companies don’t owe you anything except for what you make on your own through your daily rides. This void of communal sense and communal rights was felt strongly by Al Sanchez and that’s how the idea of initiating a startup Rideshare was conceived where uber and lyft drivers could feel like they belong to a community and hence are entitled to certain rights such as collision support.

Al Sanchez Rideshare and its partners offer you your communal rights and complete Rideshare Driver Support. Was created by founder Al Sanchez Rideshare.