What You Own, Owns You: Minimalism For People Who Love Things
Benjamin Foley

All good stuff. I like the black book idea.

My path began by moving into a motor home for what turned out to be a 14 month stretch. There’s nothing like moving into an RV to force you to down size.

It can be emotional and quite the journey as you release attachment to things and slowly realize your freedom

I built a tiny house while living in the RV and now rent is $450 a month for the two of us allowing us to have more expendable income, which is currently being used to save for land. Hoping to eventually buy land outright with no need for a mortgage.

The key to starting your path the freedom is to reduce (minimizing) your living expenses (ie. rent) to less than 20% of your income. Then saving, vs loans.

Thanks for the little black book tip, I will begin this process to reign in my spending a little more, speeding up my journey to outright land ownership.

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