Make Your Website Your Most Functional Investment To Date

For a lot of businesses these days, websites are either of two things: a window to your offers; OR just another digital element that your marketing department recommended. But in fact, it’s much more than that. A company website tells people the KIND of company you have before they even buy or subscribe to anything. From your logo to your choice of text — it reveals a lot about what you believe in, what sort of employees you hire, and if customers should trust you with their money. With this mind, it’s vital to invest in every aspect of your site.

You’ve probably heard about ‘optimization’. Perhaps you have even come across the word along with ‘SEO’, digital marketing, SEM, etc. But what do they all mean? And how could they contribute to your ROI?

The Elements of Proper Website Optimization

‘Optimization’ technically means ‘to make as perfect, effective, or functional as possible’. When you are ‘optimizing’ something, you are enhancing its features to make it work better. Think of it like a computer: if you want it to be more efficient, you usually need to upgrade its parts so it will perform above expectations. The same is true for websites. There are methods designed to help boost its performance. Each technique targets either on- or offsite factors:

OnSite Factors

· Content

· Images

· Site speed

· Blog

· Headings

· User experience

· Broken links

· Mobile friendliness

· Local optimization factors

· Other elements (meta description, meta titles,etc.)

OffSite Factors

· Number of backlinks

· Referring domains

· Page authority

· Domain authority

· Social signals (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.)

These are just a few of the most important elements that you need to check. An expert will likely have more when doing a website audit. Once you have correctly evaluated these aspects, view them in line with: relevancy (how valuable your information is to your target market), overall design (your pages should be aesthetically pleasing), and content organization (avoid making users guess!).

Content as Today’s Currency

If you’ve noticed, content ranks one as the top onsite elements you need to watch out for. Why? Users consume content more than any other online offering today. From blogs, images, podcasts, to videos; content is what makes websites alluring to all kinds of market sectors. When users search for something, they are driven by certain intents; such as the need to verify a piece of information, look for directions, or make a purchase. Customizing content based on these intents will give your website a better chance of being found — and making profit.

Ask yourself these questions to determine how ‘alluring’ your site content is to your target audience:

· What is the purpose of this specific content (to inform, to direct, to encourage action, to tell a story, etc.)?

· How unique is this type of content? Can it be improved?

· Does it need to stay here on the website — or is it alright to share on other platforms?

· If we share, will other people find it interesting? Will they in turn, share it with their friends and family?

Content carries more than simply the substance of your message. Good quality content can affect EVERY facet of your online presence. For one, it has the power to contain links AND earn them, too. If other websites like what they see, they will naturally link back to you. Thus, gaining you traffic and excellent references. Second, content is awesome to share on social media accounts. Please talk to your social media marketing division on how to properly target your market using various modern strategies. Third, content is for long-term. No matter what update or change may come your way, as long as you stay true to your own message, then people will remember you.

Ranking Is Still Vital

Many ‘experts’ will often advise you that ranking doesn’t matter. Well, the truth is: IT DOES. That’s because people will hardly search through the succeeding pages of search engines like Google to find what they’re looking for (unless they are really industrious). The question for business owners these days then is: if you’re not found on the first page, how will you fare in contrast with your competition? Again, content will play a huge part here. If you prioritize top quality content on your website, then it will drive user traffic to get your rankings up.

While numbers still matter in the greater scheme of things – it’s essential to note WHICH numbers truly count.

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