I guess I became the one that needs an antagonist. Yes. Right now I’m desperate because of a woman that I know wont do me any good. But why?

I guess I’m dependent.

That is a Letter to no one or someone that can relate.

Im actually lookin for some sort of advice to how I can get myself back.

Because I lost myself.

The thing is, I have been in a relationship for almost 2 years now and have no clue how to get out.

She dominates me.

She has my thoughts and soul.

She can hit me and punch me out of her house and I Will still beg her to comeback to me.

Im now sitting alone at a bench in my college wordering why I have no one to talk to.

I feel lonely.

I feel sad.

I gave all my days to her.

Lost contact with all my friends because she doesnt like them.

And yet I go back.

I always go back.

Even with my heart broken I go back.