“Those accusers of HW should say out loud “I got to the business thru the bed’ or “I became a star…
Paul Henry

“ Why are you assuming any success they had was due only to the events that transpired between them? People accusing him could have gone nowhere or to the top based solely on their acting skills, etc.”

Yeah, but they preferred to keep quiet. Let’s be adults: they benefited from the sex or whatever whith HW. Thousands of actresses annually go to producers’ and directors’ beds to get onstage. If you don’t like it why you do it???

“Also, going to the police right away isn’t always that easy. It can be extremely traumatic to even be able to open up about it. This is common knowledge for all kinds of abuse that this shouldn’t even be in question here”

Please, quit this BS! This IS the question! You got robbed — you go to police. You got your ass touched — go to police (I know it’s stupid but apparently this is normal in nowadays America to go to police when someone touched your ass!)

“And sometimes it’s simply the act of speaking up that would destroy a career unfortunately. So they may not have gained anything but are simply being blackmailed.”

Noooow we’re getting somewhere! So in order to keep the career they stay quiet. So not that talanted after all, huh? Blackmail… How about them blackmailing the “harasser”? Never heard?

“ Since when is an eyewitness testimony not considered evidence?”

The eyewitness testimony should be supported with material evidence. Works for all the cases.

Further reading? Oh. yeah:

How about I go to court of law and say you, Paul Henry, resized my rectum with your coffee mug 5 years ago in the privacy of your office and gave me 20 bucks to keep it hush hush? Need eyewitnesses? No problem, I’ll get two. NOW you vulnerable, Paul Henry! You better watch your back!

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