The Distributed Storage Layer of the Tokenization Platform should be based on IPFS and the customized Ethereum Ledger, though with the following changes:

  1. Consensus is achieved via the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) algorithm. This consensus model makes it possible to perform token holder approval and rights-delegation for the key actions on the blockchain, including block generation and resolving consensus issues in a fair way. The consensus mechanism is performed via a witness who certifies that the signature and timestamp of a transaction are valid and produce blocks. Anyone can submit a witness application. All applications are screened by the…

Most of the real estate tokenization projects’ problem is a lack of understating how to legally structure tokenization and how to enable transactions on the blockchain. The insufficiency in existing legislation is what limits blockchain from wide adoption on the markets.

Another problem is the high cost of the traditional bank loans. Developers seek cheaper financing and crowdfunding or crowd-loans seem a good alternative.

Tokenization and Securitization

Nowadays, there are no jurisdictions allowing to record the property titles and their transitions directly on the blockchain. Instead, real estate deals require changing the records in the property registries or making notarized…

At ALT.Estate, we are building the toolset and the platform that help to overcome the key pain points of the Real Estate industry. As part of sharing the progress, we are bringing you today the exciting case we are currently working on with one of the key players on the East European market.

Executive Summary

Alt.Estate protocol has a product-market fit supported by the findings of such consultancy firms as PwC. While targeting the most significant pain points of the market we developed and successfully piloted the first blockchain based crowdfunding solution for Real Estate development company. …

Legal Disclaimer:

This article does not constitute legal guidance or legal opinion of the author or any entity associated with the author. This article is published to serve as a summary guide of the information currently available to the public.

As we have mentioned in our previous post, the major limitation of blockchain adoption is the lack of a relevant regulatory framework. As such, tokenization will not fit within most of the legal systems posing multiple legal risks for the token issuer. However, as soon as the token is officially identified as “security”, the tokenization process will fall under the…

Real Estate is a huge market with the estimated value of $217 trillion. Traditionally seen as high-paying and the most stable type of investment, the market allows plenty of opportunities for making big gains. Yet, investing in real estate is still a lot more complicated compared to stocks and bonds. High threshold for entry, lack of liquidity, the slow and complicated process of ownership transfer, complications of cross-border transactions,-those are the problems historically associated with the real estate.

The blockchain implementation seems to bring innovative solutions across businesses and is promising to help soothe numerous pains of the real estate…

Congratulations to all the backers, supporters, partners, advisors and ALT Team members! We are proud to announce that the ALT token sale is over. We’d like to make a few important announcements and answer the most frequent questions from our community.

When will the tokens be distributed? What about the exchange listings? What is the current status and next steps in platform development? Bear with us to know more!

1. How Does ALT Tokens Distribution Work?

Even in the rough waters of crypto market, your support allowed an overall supply of 1,069,639,374 ALT tokens. Those are distributed to the publishers, contributors, bounty community. They are also partly…

What a busy time we had at Alt.Estate recently! Thanks to the efforts of our team, we achieved a number of important milestones and are ready to share them with you. Here are the top 10 updates on our platform development, partnerships, token sale and future plans.

1. Soft Cap Achieved

We successfully closed the Soft Cap during an overbooked presale.

We thank all our investors for believing in the Alt.Estate platform. $1M soft cap was reached within a few days during an overbooked white list presale. …

Alt.Estate: Introducing the Tokenized Real Estate Trading

Alt.Estate builds a protocol for real estate tokenization and a platform for trading tokenized property. It uses blockchain to disrupt the $217 trillion market, and aims to become an industry standard for the blockchain-based real estate transactions. Join the token sale from May 30 until June 30, 2018.

Join the token sale now!

ALT Token is going to be an “ERC-20” for real estate

Alt.Estate makes trading tokenized properties easy and fast. The blockchain technology allows to decrease transaction costs from 30% to 2%, bring down transaction time from 1 month to 1…

Real estate market is worth $217 trillion. Blockchain technology has been developing quickly, and it was only a matter of time when it conquers this conservative industry. We’ve looked at six most notable projects driving the real estate market towards decentralization.

Blockchain Truly Disrupts Real Estate

Historically, real estate industry is welcomed by investors for its stability. However, there always has been a high entry ticket, which made the market closed for middle class. Third parties pay high commissions. Deals take long. Legal barriers are high. International purchases are a nightmare. All those problems might go away thanks to blockchain.

The real estate blockchain projects…

The exciting moment to tell you more about Alt.Estate has come! We are glad to introduce our project and share our plans and goals. Subscribe to our blog, follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep updated!

Alt.Estate offers the protocol and the platform for investors

Let’s start from the basics. What is Alt.Estate? It is the first project with tokenized apartments in three largest real estate markets: the US, Japan and EU which offers the protocol and the platform as a new solution for real estate tokenization.

The protocol consists of smart contracts and legal structure for property ownership, provided in a widget. The platform becomes the marketplace…


The blockchain project to tokenize real estate market. Property sellers can buy or sell a mere 1cm2 properties all over the world.

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