An open letter to President Trump

Dear President Trump,

First of all, thank you for putting your country before yourself. It takes a lot of guts to confront such a large opposition. I admit, at first I did not like you… at all. My favorite artists, and almost every person I admired, said horrible things about you. Thankfully, I had one very good friend, who happens to be incredibly smart, that kept explaining to me the other side (your side). Long story short, with you as a catalyst, I grasped the distinction between globalism and nationalism. I understood the influence of corporate media, and I can see the insanity of living within the media’s perspective. They’ve had so many years and resources to study our thinking that millions have been entranced; many still are. That election, tho?! I have realized a lot of people have woken up. Even though we’ve been silent, we are waking up.

I have to say, though… it hurts. It hurts to realize that I’ve been brainwashed. It hurts to see that, even though I think globalism sounds utopian, in real life it cannot be done. Humans are not perfect, and as long as we are not perfect, centralized power will always end up corrupt. It was a big realization for me, unfortunately now I’m feeling out of place. (Don’t worry. I’ll adapt; I always do.)

Finally, I need to apologize. I’m sorry that at the moment I cannot publicly support you or speak on behalf of any nationalist ideals; I cannot risk losing touch with so many friends and family that are still entranced. I’m sorry that you’ve been demonized by the opposing side; it definitely isn’t fair. You and your family have shown great resilience. I wish you all the best.

Forever grateful,
 Anonymous supporter

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