first ecomining ZEUS in the world

ZEUS is the first company in the world recycling garbage waste into electricity, which is used for mining cryptocurrencies at its factory with its own mining capacities.

The working of ZEUS Token
ZEUS Token’s own token will allow to participate in the project, its development, to receive a high and stable income. Decentralized direct investment in the project will occur through the purchase of ZEUS Token. It is their “decentralization” that should ensure the independence of the project from the influence of government- owned and large companies. The project fully utilizes the ideology of decentralization and improvement of the ecological situation on the planet. The financial instrument will be launched on the Ethereum’s blockchain.

*The Token is produced on the basis of the Ethereum’s blockchain
*ZEUS Token — is the proof of membership in the project ZEUS
*ZEUS — will issue 58 000 000 tokens of ZEUS Token.

Detail Of Zeus-Token
The main difference of the company is the recycling of garbage into electricity, which is used for mining cryptocurrencies, thus contributing to the development of world’s crypto economy and decentralized systems.

first cryptocurrency to be mined was bitcoin. In 2010, it could be extracted using the power of a home computer processor, and it was very effective.

bitcoins began to be extracted with the help of graphic processors, which was 
much more efficient than the extraction on a regular PC using a regular processor.

Tokens are produced based on the Ethereal blockchain
* ZEUS Token — is proof of membership in ZEUS project
* ZEUS — will issue 58,000 000 Token ZEUS tokens.

Token will be distributed as follows:
* 15% of the total number of tokens sold, will be distributed between the project team (distribution and sales schedule according to, see below).
* 2% of the number of tokens sold, will be allocated to the distribution for the project bounty program.
* 1,000,000 tokens intended for sale in Pre ICO
* 49.3 million tokens will be distributed among investors at ICO at prices as per the table below.

The Pre ICO Campaign will begin on October 1 and will run until 31 October 2017. The company’s objective is to raise funds through the implementation of 1,000 000 ZEUS Token tokens at a discounted price of 50% of the purchase price, equal to 0.5 euros on rate of ETH / BTC at the time of purchase.

The funds raised will be used to prepare for the launch of the ZEUS project, marketing and preparation of ICO seeds. ICO (Investment Campaign) will be held from 20 November to 25 December 2017 and will start at 3:00 PM Moscow time (00:00 UTC).

How to invest in a ZEUS Token:
• Bitcoin (BTC)
• Ethics (ETH)
• Euro


  1. 1 person produces 300 kg of waste per year.
  2. 200 000 000 tons of household waste forms annual in EU.
  3. Lands under dumps remain toxic for
    50–100 years.

Bonuses and offers

During the ICEs on the ICO for the needs of the ZEUS project, it is planned to collect 41,620,000 Euros, the equivalent to the above mentioned cryptocurrencies.
The collected funds will be used to purchase land, build plant facilities and a mining farm, components for assembling mining capacities, purchase of equipment for waste recycling, packaging line, loading equipment.
ICO and mutual settlements with technical wholesalers, ICO and mutual settlements with technical wholesalers.
Buyout of tokens will happen monthly at a rate of 5,000,000 tokens per month, 12 payments within 12 months at a base cost of 1 Euro per token a month after the start of the factory’s operation (December 2018).
The base cost is calculated with the rate of 4000 Euro per 1 BTC.

Our mission is to enable everyone not to help solving garbage utilization problem but also profitably invest and make this world better.
First implementation of building garbage recycling factory project which also generates electricity from waste products and uses it for mining in the world — ZEUS EcoCryptoMining.

***With it can produce***

  1. Power: 38 648 000 kW/h per year.

2. Income:13 308 BTC per year.

3. Net annual profit: 53 239 659 €.

It is planned to raise 41 620 thousands Euro (equivalent in Ethereum) during ICO. Funds will be used to purchase land, construction for waste processing plant and mining plant, components for assembling mining power, purchase equipment for waste processing, packaging line and loading equipments.

We accept not only in Ethereum but also in Bitcoin.
The project is characterized by such indicators of profitability:
* Expenses per year2 441 393 €
* revenue56 341 052 €
* profit after taxes53 239 659 €
* per month4 436 638 €

* PRE ICO1 000 000 ZEUS Tokens0.50 € per 1 ZEUS Token
* 1–7day ICO5 000 000 ZEUS Tokens0.70 € per 1 ZEUS Token
* 8–14day ICO10 000 000 ZEUS Tokens0.80 € per 1 ZEUS Token
* 15–22day ICO15 000 000 ZEUS Tokens0.85 € per 1 ZEUS Token
* 23–29day ICO19 300 000 ZEUS Tokens0.90 € per 1 ZEUS Token

Tokens in total50 300 000 ZEUS Tokens
Token redemption will be held quarterly — 5 000 000 Tokens in the quarter.
12 payouts by basic price of 1 € / 1ZT in the period of 12 months which is calculated according to the course not higher 4000 € \ ETH.

Further information:


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