Altair Finance

Oct 6, 2020

2 min read

Cross-Blockchain Integration. Roadmap

We would like to share some of what we are planning to build, specifically how non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will interact with the Altair Blockchain, and, how the Altair Blockchain Bridge Service will enable any NFT to be traded on a variety of blockchains. To facilitate these cross-blockchain trades, Altair will airdrop blockchain-specific Altair Tokens to holders of ALAR Tokens so that the NFTs can be traded between multiple blockchains.

How does Altair cross-blockchain integration will work?

How does Altair cross-blockchain integration benefit the ALAR ecosystem?

  • Enables the interoperability of NFTs between different blockchains, allowing NFT traders to choose their preferred blockchain when trading NFTs
  • Enhances the use case and provides additional utility for ALAR Tokens because fees are paid in a version of ALAR each time an NFT transfers from one blockchain to another
  • Gives ALAR Token holders airdrops of blockchain-specific tokens