00:50 a.m, 22102015

Have it ever crossed your minds that,

Perhaps that girl who seemed to have the feeblest thought of all, is the one who had the biggest ideas?

Have it ever crossed your minds that,

Beneath the colorful cardigans, cheeky smiles and fumbly steps, she had a world none might understand?

Perhaps not.

Or perhaps, these thoughts have crossed your minds.

I personally think that its a little bit funny and ironic. We always hear that we should never ‘judge a book by its cover.’ alas, it had been a rather common knowledge that the people who seemed to bear no burden on their shoulders, shed the most tears.

Thus, doesn’t it make us all judge people through their covers, all in all? Since we all know that those who laugh the most use their loud and roaring laugh as a façade to cover up their tear streaks?

Indeed very fascinating to the keen eyes, human behavior.