Why the words “I love you” is a lie

I think, personally, those words are merely sugarcoated nothing.

I mean if I love someone that much, as much as people give I love yous meaning, I think it would seep into other words and actions.

For instance, take care on your walk home. Don’t drink and drive. Please get your meds as prescribed.

I wouldn’t simply throw out the words ‘I love you’ and wish for the other person to understand it loud and clear, no. I would make sure that they are warm at night. I would make sure that they eat properly. And I, would make sure that the message underlying my words would reach them, even without having to tell them loudly that I love them.

Because sometimes words alone fail, and we give them too much credits. People make promises and break them like it doesn’t mean a thing, and you get disappointed because someone doesn’t do as you expect them to after you hear the words.

Now as a matter of fact; whether or not I love you, could be seen in the other words I told you and how I make you feel by my actions.

Not by cheesiness and sweet nothings alone.

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