A Growing Price For More Than 1 Million USD in Market Capitalization: Altbet Weekly Summary

This week in Altbet’s weekly summary, we want to address a very special thanks to our community. We are extremely pleased to inform you all that our Discord server reached over 5000 users. With an average of 900 online users daily, we are a very active and fast-growing server in the crypto-world.

Still thanks to our wonderful community, we won the Masternode.pro contest. We have been in the first position during almost all the contest, and now we won the 1year free listing on their website with a 250,000 views advertising banner on their front page. Furthermore, we launched our advertising banner on Masternodes.online. Following the statistics and the results of it, we will further discuss whether or not we change the banner for a new one, to advertise with on such a big crypto-related website as Masternodes.online.

Altbet has many blockchain-explorers available, but from now on, CoinExplorer will be the main block explorer for ABET. It’s a robust block explorer which provides an easily understandable interface for everyone, beginner or expert. It displays every aspect of the chain at a high level of accuracy. Moreover, the service has great communicating core developers, to rapidly solve any issue that could happen.

To stay on the listing side, we applied for a new exchange: Tradeogre. We want to get as much quality exchanges as we can, in order to give our coin more volume and to eventually apply for a listing on CoinMarketCap.

A big announce this week, with our project joining the 1 Million Market Cap Club! Check the data here, Altbet reached on the 27 of February, a total market cap of 1,145,693$. A huge milestone which is clearly correlated with ABET’s growing price: our cryptocurrency took more than 20% in the last two weeks, more than 35% during the last month, and an astounding 107% for the last 60 days period! Healthy and growing, our project is making us happy and the price will make our investors happy!

Stay tuned for the next Weekly Summary!