A New Blockchain for a Safe Wallet: Altbet Weekly Summary

Two weeks have passed and we have been through a long and difficult journey that seems to be over now. Those weeks has been very stressful for everyone, team, investors, community and even some other coin’s communities, due to a wallet hack. Altbet team presents its excuses to every prejudiced user, and we can assure our community we have been trying as hard as possible to find and solve the hack as fast as possible. During the investigations, we did find out our official wallet’s source code (on github.com) had additional fraudulent content. We solved the hack and the new wallet is now stable and safe.

There are still a few questionable things, but a lot of investigation has been going on and the last release seems reliable. We worked together with some C++ developers from various coins such as GIN, Polis or DogeCash to find out where the hack came from. We successfully release a new safe version of the Altbet wallet (with scripts and bootstraps to download on our Discord server). Available here on github, we recommend passing through a few steps to ensure your coins safety : a fresh OS installation would firstly be the best thing to do. Not using the same wallet.dat is also a very good idea, this means you have to move your coins to a different wallet.dat with a fresh generated address on each coin you had on your PC. And at last, we recommend you use different passwords to each of your wallet and make sure to keep them in safe place.

The update has to spread quickly for us to get back on Stex and Cryptobridge. It is off course mandatory and needed for nodes to work properly. For any bug report (about which we will be very vigilant), please use this github tracker. Off course please make sure to do a wallet.dat backup before the update, for your own safety, and don’t forget our technical support team is present 24/7 on our discord if you need any information about the new wallet.

Stay tuned for the next Weekly Summary!