A New Platform, A New Use Case, Altbet Weekly Summary

This week has been intense, as always. We announced for the first time a few information about our upcoming second platform: Altbet is going to launch, in a few days, a beta version of our brand new Masternodes hosting platform, Altnode. Almost finished, we are very proud to add a new use case for our coin, which will be the only payment method to host one or multiple Masternodes on our platform. Everything will be announced at the beta release, but we already know that our way to set up nodes which is automated and quick, will please every user.

On the listing side and in order to gain volume to get a CoinMarketCap listing, we are doing our best to get listed on new promising exchanges. And this week, we are betting on our community for this purpose. For a new innovative and well optimized exchange: Birake.com They already have a very decent daily volume and are organizing a coin vote. Altbet is off course taking part to this vote to try and win a free listing on their platform. We need our beautiful community to show its love once again, by voting for ABET coin on Birake exchange’s Discord server. Ending on the 18 of March, you will find every information you need to vote in the minor-announcements channel of our discord server.

We work everyday to keep our platforms and servers safe, but we recently had some trouble on our discord server. Impersonation has been the real way thieves could steal one of our users coin, by claiming to be one of the team members. In order to solve the problem, we got the @identityguard bot, which has been implemented to automatically ban people who are faking team members names. Moreover, we added a second bot, displaying warning notes in the support channel, which is often where thieves try to get in touch with coin owners. These two bots are efficient and make our server safe, but we still have ideas that will be implemented in the next wallet version: simple warnings for new users who are just starting with cryptocurrencies, and eventually, double verification processes on commands such as dumpwallet or dumpprivkey, which are used by hackers to get a user’s private key.

In the end a lot of work has been done and even more has been shown to be necessary, we by now recruited quite a nice additional team and our developers can now focus on going forward and making Altbet a large and vast project, with a bright future.

Stay tuned for the next weekly summary!