Days of Intense And Productive Work for Our Developers : Altbet Weekly Summary

Again, an intense week on the developing side. We had to improve our protocol and we enhanced security on Altbet’s Blockchain. With the urge going on about Cryptobridge we released this week the wallet version available on Github for mac windows and linux. We off course provide scripts for a quick start for ubuntu as well, as a bootstrap file, for a quick synchronization. We want to address a big thank to our community: online wallets were updated very quickly, and we made a very quick transition from the old wallet. We were able to get back on cryptobridge on the same day we released the wallet and we are happy to see that we got re-introduced smoothly on the market.

With the new wallet, we are confident about the strength of our masternodes network and its capacity to support Altbet betting and gambling transactions. We are proud to see that more than 80% of our supply is locked in masternodes, which gives Altbet one of the smallest circulating supply but equally a very stable price. It means that our masternode network is worth around 400,000 dollars which is a quite strong number. Moreover, ABET coin is experiencing some real accumulation on cryptobridge exchange, which is a good sign that our investors are confident in our future and are willing to wait to get the full result of Altbet’s potential.

Altbet team would like to thank every community member present on discord. This server hosts the heart of our team and investors but also keeps growing every day. With around 3770 members by now, our Discord server shows the strength and engagement that Altbet’s project inspires. Many team members are available for support and information every day and night, building a real relationship with trust and transparency. We experience a weekly growth rate of around 4% and hope to make this number grow for the best.

With the wallet issues solved, we want to let our community know that the we are now focused on the further development of our mutual betting platform. We already are by now preparing some big announces that will get released very soon.

Stay tuned for the next weekly summary!