Good News and Great Game Incoming: Altbet Weekly Summary
May 13 · 2 min read

A few time are now passed and we are happy to come back at our community with great news. First of all, we want to give a second breath to the invite contest that is still going on our discord. The prizes values are set in dollars, for it not to change through time, and represents a total of more than 1000$. For this contest, the winner will earn 300$, the second will receive 200$, 150$ for the third etc… Please note that we will reward only 5 winners, and don’t forget that cheaters and bots won’t stand a chance. Moreover, in order to keep consistency in our price and to avoid dumps, we will pay half of every prize in ABET and the other half in BTC.

In order to keep in our marketing campaigns, and to try a new kind of event for ABE, we decided to try a weekly twitter giveaway to promote our platform and projects. The giveaway will take place every Tuesday as a tweet, with simple instuctions and a small prize to win, as we still don’t want to affect too much our price. Don’t forget to check our twitter right here and every detailed instructions right there.

We also want to let our community know that we have a streamer among us (he has been there for a long time now): GamesJS, which often goes live on twitch and supports our project. Feel free to check his channel just there if you want to know more about our games and how they work: he has a 1H30 video about our games and platform.

On a different note, we are thrilled to announce a new game, that our developers are currently working on. We are already sure this will change our platform for the best and will attract a lot of new customers: we are going to implement our platform with a brand new Poker game. We don’t want to give any release date for now, but it’s coming so stay tuned and follow us on our Discord server not to miss any news.

Stay tuned for the nect weekly summary!

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