Lawyers and Investors, Big News and Big Steps Forward: Altbet Weekly Summary

A major announcement this week, as we just took a huge step forward. As stated in out whitepaper, we are working on Altbet Incorporation and gambling licensing with our lawyers. We were able to approach Curaçao representatives with which our lawyers started collaborating recently, we will be having an Altbet Incorporation related meeting in Curaçao before the end of April. We will off course share more details shortly after the meeting.

Moreover, we already had several reunions with different investors and companies in the last couple of weeks. Potential investors might invest a lot of money once our platform is done and working with every feature and functionality, and that’s why we keep on working on it every day. These steps are mandatory to earn more credibility and visibility as a cryptocurrency related project in the world of entrepreneurship.

On a more technical side, some of our fellow users and masternode owners have been missing rewards during the past few days. First, we are truly sorry about it and our Blockchain developer’s team is still working on the major wallet update. We will release it in less than a week and everything shall go back to normal. But to show once again our good will, we created an experimental Altbet cashback program. Made to reward any buys taken off sell side while exchange is closed and while the wallet is being worked on. Earn 10% of your holding in 7 days by following a small protocol explained in our discord minor-announcements channel. Payouts will be sent around the 12th of April.

And as always, don’t forget to stay tuned for the next weekly summary !