Listings and Votes: ABET Weekly Summary

This week, we once again have great news for our community, and great things to do. Our partnership with Midas.Investment is becoming a very productive relationship: we are on to get voted for a free listing on the new Midex decentralized exchange. Decentralized exchanges are the future, and we don’t want to miss that opportunity. That’s why our community can by now vote on Midex ( process explained in our discord, in this dedicated chan )

In addition, our community can vote at a highly performant blockchain explorer for a free ABET explorer ! The team of CoinExplorer is organizing a vote on twitter : just comment this tweet that you want $ABET @altbetofficial listed on a CoinExplorer Blockchain explorer. We hope everyone will take the time to comment ! As we won the contest for the 100.000 views banner thanks to our community, we know we have good chances to get listed for free on the Midex decentralized exchange and on CoinExplorer.

Apart from this, ABET has a new arrival this week: a Discord bot that’s used as a Shared Masternode Service and a Staking Pool. The developer of this bot called it Monitor: it monitors your balance and automatically pays out the reward to a recorded address every week for a 3% fee on stakes. Feel free to check this new bit at their discord.

On the network, every week sees a new milestone in the masternode count. ABET is experiencing a nice steady growth and that’s mostly due to the huge stock of masternodes : 500 working masternodes. As always, we are proud of our holding community and couldn’t be happier with the current market. The reward will now slowly decrease, and avoid inflation on the long term.

On the media side, please don’t forget to check the Masternode youtube serie with Steve aka. HackCrypto, for great objective and informative videos, he’s to us one of the best and honest youtuber.

Stay tuned for the next weekly summary !